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Destination : Sweden (Scandinavian Country)


Why Sweden?

  • Sweden scored highly in multiple indicators such as quality of living, healthcare, education, protection of human rights, economic competence, economic discrepancy, and human development.
  • Sweden is the center of innovation in Europe. Sweden scores the second highest as the most innovative country in the world according Global Innovation Index year of 2016, losing only a few points to Switzerland. Bluetooth, Tetra Pak, Skype, USG, Seatbelt, Zippe, HIV tracing, and Spotify are the examples of Sweden innovation that has contributed to the society.
  • Sweden has high economic, education, and tourism potential that attracts businessmen, entrepreneurs, and students from all around the world.


  • Sweden is the seventh richest country in the world in terms of GDP per capita.
  • Sweden ranks second in the world according to global innovation index
  • Has an export-oriented economy aided by hydropower, timber, and iron ore as resource base. Industrial sector consists automobiles, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, appliances, banking, and agriculture



  • Education is free, at least a third of the workforce holds tertiary degree
  • Education as one of the three pillars of the economy, the other two being government and corporations
  • Sweden has the highest population to patent ratio


Healthcare is universally free, The Swedians enjoy the highest life expectation in Europe

  • Is at the top of the list of countries with environmental concerns
  • The only nation that has donations above 1% of GDP


  • Amazing history and literature, dating from the age of Vikings
  • Has distinguishable architecture, with some sites declared as world heritage.
  • The third highest music exporter in the world

Global Field Study 2017 : GFS 2017 Destination*)

LEGO Inside Tour

(Company Visit)

–    Exhibition of LEGO sets and models that date back to 1934

–    Introduction of daily work at the LEGO Group

–    Unique building experience together with LEGO designers

–    Factory tour: Seeing how LEGO bricks are produced

–    Stop at LEGO staff shop


IKEA (Company Visit)

Roots: Everyday life in 19th century Småland  of Ingvar Kamprad’s

childhood on Elmtaryd Farm, and the 20th century transformation of Swedish society where a new vision of home led the way. The roots explore the society, living conditions and spirit that prevailed in the Sweden that fostered a young boy’s emerging business

Story: Reflections, ideas, solutions, successes, failures and lesson learned – some of the many things that have shaped IKEA and continue to drive it forwards. Start with the opening of the very first IKEA store in 1958 and then take a look at what’s happened over the years

Chalmers University of

Technology (Campus Visit)

Chalmers is home to six national competence centers in key fields like

Mathematical Modelling, Environmental Science and Vehicle Safety

Vision: Chalmers for a sustainable future

Activities: Research, innovation and collaboration, to campus development and internal environment

For almost thirty years, all the students have taken a class in environment and sustainable development and had the opportunity to complete their studies with a sustainability profile.

Eight Areas of Advance, all with sustainable development as a driving force, they are gathering skills and power, in collaboration with other actors in society, to tackle the large and complex societal challenges they are facing

Volvo Museum

(Company Visit)

–    Iconic car models

–    Groundbreaking innovations

–    Imaginative prototypes

–    Trip through Volvo’s history and heritage, all the way from the start in 1927 (wide range of passenger cars, buses and heavy trucks as well as marine engines and construction equipment)

–    Factory visit, looking through manufacturing processes


Startup HUB SUP46 (Company Visit)

Startup Hub SUP46 was founded in 2013 to gather the startup community. Through the world-class ecosystem of investors, advisors and partners, members are offered a competitive advantage.

It is home to more than 60 startups and a natural meeting place for the startup community. Only the most exciting and innovative companies, mainly within Internet, mobile, media and gaming, are accepted as members.

The vision for SUP46 is that all startup members will become global game changers.

Embassy of Indonesia in

Sweden (Embassy Visit)

–    As a visitor, we have a representative from our nation, namely the Indonesian Embassy for Sweden.

–    Focus   Group   Discussion   with   the   Diplomat   about   the Scandinavian culture (what opportunity Indonesia can gain upon enhancing the economic situation and what opportunity Indonesia can obtain to be implied in Indonesia)