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Global Field Study : General Remarks

The business world today is still facing the challenge of VUCA World, which consists of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity. Volatility describes the dynamic changes, uncertainly shows a lack of anticipation of the issues and events that occur, complexity is defined as barriers faced by each organization, while ambiguity is defined as a heavy burden on the various existing conditions

How do we face VUCA World?

Accelerating change in the business world is a challenge for every company and industry. Therefore, we need Global Leaders that is ready to face the various unfold issues, not only capable of thinking globally but also acting globally.

What does it take to become a global leader?

Global leaders need 3G, namely: Global Knowledge, Global Networking, and Global Big Data Analytic Skill. Having capability to think global is not enough, a global leader needs an extensive network, ability to find the right solution based on comprehensive real time data, and also the skill of addressing cross-cultural differences between countries (intercultural adaptation).

How to create a Global Leader?

In order to develop global leaders who have competitive advantage in the areas of management, communication, leadership, innovation, and digital technology, as well as be able to compete globally, Magister Management program from University of Indonesia conducted a series of program and activities through teaching, research, community services, and field study to other countries, known as the Global Field Study.

20 delegates, the best talent from different backgrounds and specialties industry, which have the professionalism, spirit of hard work, collaboration, and outstanding achievement of academic and non- academic, have been chosen and prepared to join the Global Field Study program in 2017 to the Swedish state.

Through the Global Field Study program, Magister Management program from University of Indonesia does not only carry out a study but also build collaborative, long-term relationships with institutions, companies, and the best academics in the field.

Additionally, Magister Management program from University of Indonesia also joins the Global Network of Advanced Management (GNAM), an organization based at the Yale School of Business, which is consisted of the best universities in the world. Global leader development is also done through the “Association of UI Alumni ” (ILUNI) which is the social network of UI’s alumni to build the journey of success for students in the future, and for a better Indonesia.

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