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In early 2007, the Master of Management Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Indonesia (MM-FEB UI) was facing a great challenge to shift and rearrange its curriculum which had to be more “adaptive” to all stakeholders’ need. The triangle perspectives; academic, industry and authority need to be concerned carefully. More importantly, it is not only about capturing the movement of competition among the business schools in and outside the region but also the competition for generating the best graduates nationwide.

The curriculum which is later called “competency based curriculum” had led the ideas of international experience need for graduates. The activity should be formulated into an activity in international atmosphere where a student is able to create and share the ideas, develop its inner competency by joining and enjoying in an international community.

In 2008, as a pilot project, a group of students were challenged to travel within ASEAN nation in order to have their own international experience. As the founder of Global Field Study (GFS), the Director of the school Prof. Rhenald Kasali suggested the students to travel to different places to seek and analyze the diversity of business, socio-economics and culture. At that time GFS has not yet being formulated in a systematical process and unstructured. Since then, GFS country destination was moving towards outside ASEAN nations.

As the school was joining an international accreditation institution, the Alliance on Business Education and Scholarship for Tomorrow, a 21st century organization (ABEST21) in 2012, the Director of the School, Dr. T. Ezni Balqiah enforced GFS to be formulated in a systematical process under the Student Association or Community as the graduate student annual activity. Being a member of this Japanese based international accreditation gave a huge opportunity to connect with other schools, institutions, government bodies and international corporation.

Under the student association annual activity GFS is offering more control for the student to be extra creative and communicative and also being associated in international boundaries.  GFS is differ by process with a common student international activity; it needs the student to commit and complete the task as their personal and group project. The student should analyze deeply about the designated country, design an effective and efficient trip, collaborate with partners overseas and give a report as well as share the ideas, facts and findings with other student back home.

In 2013, as the school was joining an international business school network -“Global Network for Advanced Management” (GNAM) – initiated by Yale School of Management, GNAM gave more fluid for the student to get involved in both GNAM activities and GFS. The student network within GNAM members of 28 business school worldwide was expanding. Each school is able to send their delegation for one week course held by other school. Hence, the students within this network enjoy the activities to pay a visit twice a year. This opportunity opens an initiative for student of Indonesian Business School Network to be formulated later in 2017 by MM-FEB UI.

In 2017, GFS has a new challenge to be more innovative and adaptive to change. As ASEAN Economic Community is rising, the need to understand of its business culture and environment is also a must for a student in Indonesia.  This challenge imposes the student to have its international experience in mini real business surroundings. Therefore, the Director of the school Harryadin Mahardika, Ph.D, led the student under GFS program to have a short business to business mission or it is called GFS Trade and Business Mission. In this program, student can enjoy business to business atmospheres.

During this trade and business mission, a group of students simultaneously undertake the special task of representing different companies in Indonesia visiting the countries addressed in the ASEAN region. Students can perform their duties as corporate representatives with scope of tasks such as;

1. Conduct market research for the company in general
2. Conducting deepening of market research of certain product for the company represented
3. Conduct data collection of prospective corporate clients
4. Conducting assessment of cooperation with the future client of the company

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