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Global Field Study : Objectives

  •    To win the competition on global level, Indonesia should enhance its competitiveness and maximize its potential.
  •    A country with high competitiveness is a country that has a strong national innovation system. Innovation must be continuously developed in a comprehensive manner, including building systems and a culture of innovation early on.
  •    Based on the Global Innovation Index (2016) rating, Indonesia got 88th rank in terms of innovation.

The missions of the Global Field Study (GFS) are :

  1. To develop GFS 2017 delegates on developing their potential as future global leaders with competitive advantages in global management, communication, leadership, innovation and digital techn
  2. To obtain an experience in international community, to elevate communication skill and to improve innovation and creativity sk
  3. To establish collaboration and long term partnership with institutions, companies and academicians in international scale.
  4. To prepare GFS 2017 delegates to be ready and open upon facing rapid changing so that they can compete on global competitive era.

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