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Global Field Study 2017 :

To ensure the success of Global Field Study 2017 program, we sought to to gain support from various parties through a win-win partnership. The benefits that our partners are described as below.

All of our partners will receive souvenir as a keepsake from Master of Management, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia.  Additionally, we are also open to another forms of partnership.

I. Media Partner

A. Media Partner –  Signature Partner

B. Media Partner –  Diamond Partner

C. Media Partner –  Platinum Partner

D. Media Partner –  Gold Partner

E. Media Partner –  Silver Partner

F. Media Partner –  Bronze Partner

G. Media Partner –  Pearl Partner

II. Development Partner

No matter how good a business plan is, it is only as good as the ones running it. It is not questionable that the success of an organization wholely depends on the individuals running it. Even the legendary general Sun Tzu will never won a war if he leads an army of cripples.

We consider the development of character and competence is the primary result of education. Therefore, we select the exceptional among those who seek admission into our institute and educate them as hard as we can. Additionally we remind them that academic success is nothing without contribution to the society as a whole and the country.

Considering that, we present you another type of partnership, henceforth the Development Partnership. As our development partner, you are entitled to :

  1. Having access to academic records of the delegations
  2. Having access to email address
  3. In exchange, as our Development Partner, you will fund our students with funds/hotel accommodation/transportation/meals .

All the funds that we receive will be used for the development of character and competence of our students.

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